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At eKita, we believe in the power of technology and social media.
We believe in the power of education to transform societies and indeed the entire world.
We believe that education technology is at a breaking point. The world of education is changing; with online education embracing social media and leading cloud-based technology there are new paradigms and possibilities.
Havent you heard??
...it's happening
- on eKita.

The eKita Team

Efraim Pettersson Ivener

Efraim began hacking at the age of 12, which landed him in a bit of trouble - and the real lesson he learned was that he loved technology.
At the age of 16 he began building new technologies in startups - the same year that he entered university. By the age of 19 he was a graduate software engineer.
Since then, he has led development in 7 successful startups in 4 countries on 3 continents - a truly international serial entrepreneur.
One of the most interesting things about Efraim is that he loved to study so much, he never stopped. Since his first degree at 19, he has continued a double-career as an academic. For 13 years he has been studying and teaching at universities - in 5 countries, spanning 7 different subjects and even more institutions. He even built a school in Brazil as co-founder and professor.
eKita is truly the culmination of Efraim's lifetime skills and passion to bridge the 2 worlds of education and technology.

Chief Engineer
Martin Bähr

Martin has extensive experience in software engineering. One of the early users and contributors of the Pike programming language, his experience in coding dates back to the late 80's. Not to be left out of latest innovations however, he has kept himself on the cutting edge - and currently focuses primarily on web technologies. Martin also has expertise in education platforms and CMS systems. He is a contributor to sTeam: a CLMS with a history going back 15 years, in use in academic institutions in Europe and Asia for almost a decade.
eKita is the project Martin has literally spent his life building up towards - as it not only allows him to extrapolate his expertise across many technologies, but allows him to do so focusing on what he cares about most: creating a robust platform that will set a global standard in education technology.

Chief Architect
Tamás Herman

Tamás has quickly become a technology icon in Asia. His long background in technology and science literally dates back to his earliest childhood. In fact, born into a family of some of Eastern Europe's most acclaimed scientists - the first word Tamás said in his life was "traffo" - Hungarian for "transformer".
Tamás is one of the founders - and a current manager of the Rebol programming language. He has built world famous technologies and products including Cheyenne Webserver, the Darcs on Mac, and a very long list of startup's products. He helped architect and setup the development methodologies for Neo in Singapore - the famous worldclass devhouse extension of Ian McFarland's development agency, with Eric Ries and Joi Ito.
eKita has now captured Tamás' focus - a project that embraces his academic background and challenges him to architect a scalable, cutting-edge platform which will revolutionize education.

Roman Belov

Roman has an extensive experience in managing operations in IT.
One of his most interesting projects was at Siemens, where he implemented and maintained the global VPN network that Siemens is famous for - being one of the largest, most secure private VPN's in the world.
At WebCollage and Incapsula, Roman also served as the IT expert in implementing and overseeing full-scale SaaS operations.
eKita is now the next big thing Roman is excited about and he is eager to put his skills to the test in creating the eKita global hybrid-cloud network with security and cusomizability as top priorities.

Lead Engineer
Oleg Kiselyov

Oleg is our resident russian hacker*. He worked for years in hardware/firmware solutions with many leading local companies before realizing that his true passion was in the code.
So, he enrolled in a prestigious Bachelor of Technology program which led him to becoming a graduate software engineer. The ironic thing is that even before he started, he had already created some very advanced and interesting software projects. For his final degree project he created a sophisiticated tool which was actually a social network in itself - the use of which was to analyze other social networks and create a typography and analysis on each user's social interests, connectivity, and "social power". The results of his project surprised and stunned many social network analyst experts and turned him into a bit of a social network prodigy.
Oleg enjoys learning about and creating disruptive new technologies. With his innate talent as an engineer across both hardware and software, Oleg has a knack for understanding how to solve each problem with the best tools available. Something we strive for at eKita - which puts Oleg's true skills to the test.
*(no hi-tech startup complete without one!)